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Quartz / fused silica characteristics

Quartz (SiO2) is a natural material which is possible to recreate industrially.

Characteristics chart of Quartz / Fused silica : JGS1/ JGS2/ JGS3

Specific characteristic Comments
Chemical stability Very good (except with Fluorhydric acid)
Electric insulation Very good
Fusion temperature Fusion point at 1650°C
Thermal resistance Very good (0.5×10-6 /K)
Optical characteristics for natural quartz transmission from visible to 4µm. Quartz can also be opaque
Optical characteristics for fused silica Good transmission possible from UV (170nm) to NIR (3 µm)
Machining Relatively good compared to other glass products. Quartz can be molded, drilled, grinded, turned, polished, milled, welded or extruded (fiber optics)

Quartz / Fused Silica usage

Following above characteristics, Quartz have numerous industrial applications :

– Windows

– UV optics (lenses, prisms)

– Crucible for high temperature materials

– Laboratory equipment

– Quartz Tubes

– Electric insulation

– Custom complex machining


Quartz in China

On top of the imported quartz brands (Corning 7980, Nikon NIFS, Heraeus Suprasil), there are 4 principal quartz quality :

– Quartz for industrial non optical usage with no specific denomination, usually produced locally.

– Three Fused Silica grades JGS1 / JGS2 / JGS3 for optical applications :

Comparison chart of Chinese fused silica

Parameters / Values
Transmission (more than 80%) 170nm to 2.1 µm 260nm to 2.5 µm 190nm to 3.2 µm
OH- concentration 1.2% 150 ppm 5ppm
Remarks Less material impurities, higher price Few material impurities, competitive pricing Lot of material impurities, usage not recommended
2.2 g/cm3
ABBE constant (V)
Refractive index (nd) @588nm @588nm
Material Hardness
5.5-6.5 MOHS
Poisson Constant

In China there is numerous Quartz suppliers with unequal level of quality of raw material and processing. Stability in time and repeatability are problematic due to high turnover of qualified professionals. It is therefore necessary to have a close local follow-up of suppliers coupled with a panel of potential replacement suppliers to avoid procurement issues. Sinoptix is the ideal partner to guaranty quality stability of your quartz components from China.